Welcome to my gmeeus.be

Follow my links and you will get to know about my biggest passions, Astronomy and Travelling. Travelling in a broad sense, including foreign cultures, nature, literature and languages.


My main interest in the field of astronomy circles around young stars: star formation, discs around pre-main sequence stars and the formation of planets in those discs.

The curiosity for astronomy I had when I was a kid lead me in '87 to become a member of Wega, the astronomical association of Leuven. Since '89, I participated 10 times in IAYC, a 3 week long wonderful international astronomical youth camp, which combines my interests perfectly. Have a look at the IAYC homepage.


I am an avid traveller. If you're interested to see where I've been lately, ask me about my pictures, I'll send you a link. The photo website is created and hosted by Pomoto, an intuitive application for Mac users that is being developed by Jeff Nichols. Check it out!